Выходные в Нормандии: Мон Сен-Мишель и ночь с видом на сельское кладбище

Нереальный Мон Сен-Мишель и как в нём выжить


Corsica: my best blind date

Corsica, j’adore: my random thoughts about the beautiful island.

Six sound reasons to fall for Bordeaux: 1/2

Thinking back to the moment when I packed all my coffee cups, dresses and a cat to move to Bordeaux, I believe I trusted in two things. First, the power of wine culture over the probable homesickness. Second, the encouraging review from the author of “Les Misérables”. It was the year of 1843 when Victor…

Six sound reasons to fall for Bordeaux 2/2

This is the continuation of my Six sound reasons to fall for Bordeaux 1/1  Reason #4 Food Bordeaux’s kitchen is on fire… Bordeaux is undergoing a steady gastronomic revival with a new generation of chefs rethinking the whole concept of the metropolitan dining. In other words, Bordeaux’s kitchen is on fire. There is so much of…